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Live supply

gps-logo-aaThe AA system is used to handle live supply. The easy load module system is the most widely used animal-friendly system which is used for the transport of chicks around the world. The system can be easily cleaned, is made of durable material and it is well accepted by trapping teams and farmers. The unloading area has a storage capacity of approximately 80.000 live chickens.

Defeathering department

GPS has two defeathering lines of the brand Linco. On one of the lines 9.200 chicks can be plucked per hour and on the other one 11.000.

Ready to cook

In these departments all organs and all offal is removed. Here all chicks are inspected at four inspection sites. GPS employs sixteen inspectors who are trained by the government. The inspectors are supervised by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA). The two ready-to-cook lines are a combination of the brands Linco and Meyn. Per hour, over 20.000 chicks are processed on these ready-to-cook lines.



A pumping system using cooled water pumps all necks, stomachs and livers to the packing department where they are immediately cooled down further and packed to guarantee a shelf life of at least 10 days.


The refrigeration line has a length of 1200 meters. Here the chicks are chilled rapidly by using a directed current of cold air which largely passes through the chick. This completely automated refrigeration system quickly reduces the core temperature of the processed chick to 2 to 4 °C which stops possible growth of bacteria.


Subsequently, the produce is transported from the processing area to the cold store (2 °C) for storage and dispatch to customers.

Processing area

GPS has two refrigerated processing areas (8 °C). One line has two cutting lines and the other one three. As we sort chicks by weight per line in the cutting area we can determine the weight and product we want to produce at each cutting line.

Crate washing

GPS has two crate washers with a capacity of 2400 crates per hour each. Pallets are also washed here. Stacking up and unpiling of crates is handled fully automatically by the crate washers. The complete process consists of preparing, washing, disinfecting and rinsing .

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